Saturday, March 01, 2003

as eyes leaned skyward towards billowing clouds parting,
a star descended trailing purple vapors of ribbon.
a wish, oh a wish.
send up hope to fill the heavenly void
as the star's light disperses like raindrops rippling
the ocean's undulating waves.


So, that is what it's like to eat at El Mansour, a Moroccan Restaurant on Clement in SF. It's wall to wall cloth including the ceiling that billows like clouds. There are low benches and cushions to sit on. No utensils, kamay na lang (hands only). Waiters come by with a bowl and water to wash your grubby digits and a towel for your lap. Not a napkin, a towel, for your less practiced finger licking folks. Though usually each person gets their own plate, you can request to have it family style. Very delicious lamb and couscous with sweet raisins. yum! The seats are well cushioned with lots of pillows. After such a satisfying meal you feel like you might just lean back and take a nap. But before you do, you might want to stay awake for the nightly belly dancing performance. So graceful! With a show stopping move, balancing a lighted candelabra on her head while dancing! how can you beat that? Definately bring your camera.

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