Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Just read winepoetics (yes, I'm one of its 6 million readers) with Sandy McIntosh's "Song About My Hair" and in reply present this:

my grandmother told me to fear bald men
they have no memory
she said
never cut your hair or you too
will forget the history contained
in the spider's thread dangling
a lone leaf in the wind
or a strand's grazing touch
on my lover's skin that sends
chills through my locks

my grandmother then gathered
and wove my hair three strand braid
never keep your hair unkempt
she said
these are the three purposes in your life
like the fine wispy end
of a brushstroke dipped in the finest ink
or the willows dangling branches
providing seclusion for a lover's first kiss


more on hair in a bit. right now, I'm late for work.

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