Monday, March 03, 2003

OK, so I really love technology. I'm a geek, why wouldn't I? As a writer, I've been trying to explore how technology changes the way we write, which has led me to write blog poems. I like the idea of how chronologically we must work backwards so the poem in essense can go forwards and backwards. here's one of them now:

Blog Poem #1
posted 1:33am

too much tea. not enough sleep. too little poetry.
posted 12:32 am

the way lipstick stains the rim
like tiny kisses like a good memory
swabs the insides of my mouth
posted 11:16 pm

rising Phoenix blazing red wings eclipsing the sun
posted 9:43pm

this is what I did today
posted 7:13 pm

Horoscope: It is unlike you, but today you find yourself relying on your intuition to guide you through. It's bound to be a fun, adventuresome day today, dear Capricorn. Enjoy it.
posted 2:22pm

"what if bombs start to fall while we are together here,
what if someone wants to leave before the rest of the group is set to leave,
what if someone is taken hostage..."
-scenarios contemplated by human shield peace activists in Iraq
posted 12:42pm

We're sorry, but we've just run out of this item. Our deals are so good, we sometimes can't keep up.
posted 10:47am

Dreams Come True Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
posted 10:42 am

keep coffee warm, plugged into computer
posted 10:38 am

raised with goosebumps of morning's chill air
posted 9:17am

two strings in tune. the drone and the resonance.
posted 8:49am

What day is today? Hit snooze. whatever it is, i'm not ready for it to begin.
posted 7:31am

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