Friday, March 28, 2003

"throw out your eyes, they are of no use to you now"
the flame before me disappears
yet the embers burn hotter on my skin
a searing darkness enters my sight

proportion less
direction less

she calls to me again
"tell me, what do you see?"
she is insane! closing my lids
does not shut her out
she is mad and she makes me so with her

logic less
meaning less

I sense her impatience
"Have you not learned anything?"
no no I plead to her sound
better her wrath than the silence
my skin melts from the heat

woman less
body less

her fading refrain,
"fear. demon."
my arms swing wildly as if
detached. they find my body
and encase it. it is the only thing
left to hold onto.

sound less
pain less

The heaviness storms cracks
my cocoon. tears my hands apart.
breaks away my legs.
I have failed. I give unto its bidding.

motion less
speech less

"you have done well. rest."
my eyes still closed fill with light.
inhale exhale peace

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