Thursday, April 17, 2003

A bit of flash fiction for all of you today.

For the woman who understands the fight and struggle in me

My cell phone called, "I had a dream. We've got to talk."

"Okay. Cafe. 8. see ya." I answer.

I wait at the small round table, while the teapot steeps with our secrets. She comes over with her cheesecake.

"So I had this dream. It was so clear as if I was really there. And he was there."


"My ex."

Which one?

"What do you mean which one?"

Oh. I thought it might of been your therapy-co-dependent-on-meds ex.

"Ew, no. I can't believe you even brought him up. Besides it was the Psycho-druggie-evangelist ex."

oh him. sorry.

"Anyway, he's there and he's begging me to come back together. blah blah blah. found God. better human being blah blah."

Jesus, as if that fixes everything he did...and then?

"And then, this is when it gets all slo-mo Matrix clear. He tries to hand me some bible study flyer and I..."

You whack him up side the head with the King James edition!

"even better, I grab his arm, flip him around, sit on him and do absolutely the most perfect arm bar you've ever seen!"

Sweeeeet! Did you break his arm? Did he scream in agony?

"I don't know. I just woke up. That was it! What do you think it means?"

I reheat my tea with more hot water.

Well, that's easy. It means somewhere inside you is the ability to do the most perfect arm bar.

"You think?"

Oh yeah! Absolutely! You just need time for it to perculate out of your subconscious.


Yeah, pretty cool, huh?

"See, I knew it didn't have anything to do with me seeing him again."

Amen to that!

She brings a bite of cheesecake to her lips. "I wonder if I'll ever dream of that rolling choke out move. I would LOVE to perfect that one."

Eh, maybe. If you're lucky, you just might.

I take a whiff of the steaming tea aroma before sipping.

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