Wednesday, April 09, 2003

A friend of mine from college stopped by my Kali class the other day. Always good to see old friends. He remembers when I first started taking classes. I don't even remember when I first started taking classes. He tells me 1994, just about 9 years ago. It feels like it's only been a couple of years. Time goes by quickly.

Me and him are not very good at keeping in touch, which is probably why we can still be friends. I kept up on his going ons and offs through mutual friends and a group email from him when he was in Italy a few years back.

We didn't get a chance to catch up on much. Touched base on a few people we knew. "Yeah, got to be a little blurry Jedi in the movie." "I love being an uncle." Exchanged emails. Didn't ask him the sordid details of other things I had heard. Hopefully, get in touch with him when I'm in LA next time.

We were in the Filipino club together. I still have a Stan Getz CD he got me when he was my "secret buddy." That made the several moves with me unlike the Jesus Christ nightlight and the Morrison (of the Doors) book of poetry which are probably lost somewhere in my parent's house. Like friendships, there are memories you bring along with you, and other parts that are just better left behind.

I know that the friends I hang out with today may or may not be the same friends I hang out with later on in my life. Things happen, people move on to other things. And that's fine. When our lives cross again, the door will be open to take it up where we left it off and fill in a few details in between.

How's life? Ya doin well? Good good! Me? I'm doing pretty good. Good to see ya again.

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