Friday, April 04, 2003

I'm exhausted. It's Friday, time to go home. Maybe I'll rest this weekend, cuz there's a whole lot of stuff going on next in the next couple of weeks including:

Power and Poetics: remember Santiago Bose at Pusod - Saturday April 12

Mango Mic: featuring the folks you brought you Halo-Halo also at Pusod - Saturday April 12

United States of Asian America Festival 2003 with a show called, "Sonic Truths" at SomARTS Gallery, 934 Brannan St, SF - April 17 and 18

-The United States of Asian America Festival usually has a whole sheet full of shows.

Staged readings of The Cure a play by Joel Barraquiel Tan and Ginu Kamani produced by Asian American Theater Co. - April 26/27 and May 9

-I've read drafts of the script and it's truly incredible work! A comedy about AIDS work that will make you laugh and make you think.

and Yes always stuff at Bindlestiffs check the link on the side there. This weekend they're featuring "Live Mo' Life" which reaches back into the Tongue in a Mood past to bring you the best of the best skits from the past few years. If you want a crash course on Tongue in a Mood shows, this would be the weekend to go.

Of course too, there's a reading with Eileen Tabios and Rick Barot at Eastwind Books Wed, April 16. Check out winepoetics for details Thursday April 3 posting.


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