Thursday, May 29, 2003

"She likes coffee."

The night of the wedding the winds stood still and the waves calmed at the shore, it was at peace.

When you see a couple that has found each other, that's the feeling...peace. There's not all this drama or psychoanalysis. Life is really much simpler than that. It's the little things that we can't possible calculate or read in relationship books, that make all the difference. I see them and they fit in all these nuanced ways. The amusing looks they give each other that speak so much. Even the way they both cross their legs the same way when they're sitting.

The wedding was wonderful! The joy we all felt was merely a reflection of the joy and happiness they have given each other. The wedding too reflected their personal style. No parade down the aisle, no throwing of the bouquet, no truckload of sponsors, and just about every language anyone wanted to say something in, because really how can one language capture it all.

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