Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Bureaus, biceps, and babes

But Eileen, you have that fabulous wave that makes your hair tips flutter giving your hair a soft cascade.

For the record, our men did ask us if we needed their help to move the bureau. Are ya takin' notes fellas? Good men ASK women if they need help and their manliness is not hurt when they are refused. They don't insist, or decide that this is their work as oppose to women's work. They just ask. Very simple, very easy, very gentlemenly.

But we had to refuse considering that the truck, though a good size was not going to anything else except me, Dana, and the bureau and an office chair. So we had to tell our good men that we did not need their help this time, but thanks for asking, which left them both time to conquer their electronic gaming universes at home. It also gave me and Dana a chance to catch up and have that girl talk kind of stuff.

But yes, it's true, between Dana's truck and my hand truck we finessed that beast of a bureau down and out of the place on a tiny elevator that barely fit us.

[blowing on and admiring fingernails] Girls ROCK!

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