Friday, November 14, 2003

Dad is turning 60

My dad is turning 60 on Friday. We thought it would be cool to get a cake with a picture of his younger self in frosting. They have this at Goldilocks. Take any picture and they'll make it into frosting.

So me and the beau went to my parent's place (while they were away in Vegas) to find a picture of dear ol' dad when he was young. Can I tell you? There are only a handful and most are in group shots where his head is only sticking out in the back. While my mother is quite photogenic and has a ton of photos to prove this, my dad is rarely in a photo and even rarer that he's in one by himself. We finally found a decent photo of him when he was about 30.

But that says a lot about my dad, who's always the one taking the picture instead of being in the picture himself, always the first to move to the back while he lets others take the forefront and spotlight.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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