Thursday, November 06, 2003

Going home by lotto

Forgot to tell you about the last Going Home to a Landscape reading at Pusod.

Had just a delightful time with Holly Calica, Angela Torres (whom I met for the first time), Dawn Mabalon (who came to unwind after sending out job apps), and Malou Babilonia. Since Marianne Villanueva was in NY for another reading and Virginia Cerenio couldn't make it, they asked me to host.

Not wanting to make the decision on who reads when what, we drew lots. 5 scraps of paper to various audience members to choose a name. I would then buy them some time to prepare as I read their scripted bios. Some of us read from the book, or did a combination of newer stuff and printed stuff.

It was a rather intimate gathering with about a dozen folks there. I love intimate gatherings for poetry. It's the way it's meant to be shared when both poet and audience can feel each other resonate.

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