Sunday, November 09, 2003

Going Home to Eastwind (10% off til November 30th)

Had a delightful reading with Catie Cariaga, Barbara Reyes, Veronica Montes, Angela Torres with Marianne Villanueva hosting at Eastwind Books.

I was so sad we only had 10 minutes each because I wanted to hear the rest of Veronica Montes' short story. And Angela's poem called, "Freedom" about riding on a bicycle with her brother brought back similar memories.

In support of independent bookstores, they have a 10% sale on books til November 30th. So if you're looking for unique Christmas gifts, head there. We got there an hour early just so we could peruse the collection. I managed to get Oliver de la Paz's "Names Above Houses" and Jessica Hagedorn's "Dream Jungle". I noted that Tess Holthe's "When Elephants Dance" got a cover makeover for the paperback version.

Next week Eastwind features several children's authors including poets Tony Robles' "Lakas and the Manilatown Fish" beautifully illustrated by Carl Angel and Truong Tran's "Going Home, Coming Home".

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