Saturday, November 15, 2003

rainy love tea morning

Spending a rainy Saturday morning cozily typing away inside with Joey Ayala's new cd, 16lovesongs, and sipping on a sweet delicious green tea from Japan. Life is good!

A friend passed along the box of various teas from Japan, since she's more of a coffee drinker. I don't know what it says on the packages, although a friend of my sister's says that they are organic, which is appropriate since one of the songs on the CD is "Organik." Joey is getting better at that American accented Tagalog twang. He's sounding more southern california though, almost with the "duuude" kind of lingering in his vowels.

BTW, only Joey Ayala would put a song about durian on a cd of love songs. I personally couldn't get past the smell. He described it as his mind didn't have a category for what he was tasting and was just going through the roledex of experienced tastes. He said he tasted chocolate and cinnamon and mango. He said it was almost like fine wine where your palate is just inundated with flavors that coat your tongue and remain in your mind, stomach and tongue for hours after. I had to take his word for it. In some ways, he's much more the adventurer than I.

Which brings me back to the tea. I enjoy tea for its very subtle flavors: the gentle sweetness, the soft woodsyness like trees after rain.

Time to hit replay on the cd.

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