Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I didn't say that!

I'm still fascinated by the way technnology has changed and influenced our writing as well as the way it may also create new ways of creating poetry from txt messages on phones to new languages and words.

I just discovered an item in the Mac that will summarize highlighted paragraphs. I think it does it by some identifying phrases and removing and adding certain phrases. You can adjust how long you want the summary to be. This always makes me think about how you could write a poem this way. I'll have to explore this method some more. Been working on pieces that all involve technology in some way.

Just to see it in action, I summarized a previous post about walking around Lake Merritt.

Summary #1

I would see their office, look at the pictures they have lined on their desks along with the stacks of folders, papers, and reports full of numbers and ratios, debits and credits.

...I walk back the same path and sit on a bench to eat lunch near the pierless pier stumps where the seagulls still perch.... While some change completely out of their "business" attire into formal workout clothes, others slip on the pair of walking shoes over thin socked feet and pantyhose.

...The muddy bottom near the shore looks dead, but I spot a tiny fish jetting through along with a water glider only evidenced by the small ripple it makes pushing itself across the surface.

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