Friday, April 09, 2004

I don't know what you were looking for, but you found me

Was looking at the latest referrals to my blog. Several came from Google searches. So, I clicked on the links to see how high on the google search I managed to get and what people were actually looking for when they found me.

Search: sinulog drum beat demo
The one and only link listed. The post on my trip to Surigao

Search: "pan de sal" Sacramento
#6. The post about Valerio's Bakery and driving directions from Sacramento.

Search: "Kari Edwards" Fran
#3. kari edward's blog is eighth on this list.

Search: Asian Americans passion week narrative play in the catholic church
#8. My post this week about going to a Pabasa on Good Friday.

Search: slaugtering swine pics
#2. Another adventures in the Philippines post.

Search: matthew libatique filipino
#2 of 5

Search: hoe to make a blog
#11 on MSN's search

Search: motobike crash reality
#1 from the German Google search page. Because I can't spell motorbike.

Search: Marfori lineage
the only link. The Philippine Eagle sanctuary is in Marfori Heights in Davao. I'll have to look up what Marfori culture/people is/are.

Search: philippine recipe taho

Search: Bohol adventure race

Search: marriage mike malou nubla
#2. Because in the month of March, I posted about Malou Nubla's makeup, Mike Bibby's head, and the statement on marriage by the American Anthropological Asoociation.

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