Friday, April 23, 2004

Look! Shiny!

Since we're in NYC, we decided why not stop by Tiffany's. I'm really not much for wearing jewelry (my ears aren't even pierced to wear earrings), but we're getting close to that time when we'll be buying a very significant piece of jewelry.

We walk to the building on 5th avenue. People have often told me about the shopping in NY and the fashion. Unfortunately, I've never really been into either, unless it involved computer electronics. So, to me, a store is a store is a store.

The revolving door spins rapidly with tourists, many taking their picture next to the Tiffany's sign. We walk and admire the different arrangements of stones on the first floor. They are quite exquisite. We take the elevator to the 2nd floor with engagement rings. We consider taking the stairs until we realize the vaulted ceiling mean we have to go up 17 flights just to get to the 2nd floor.

I had heard rumors of women getting married and wanting $20K rings from Tiffany's. I'm not sure I want to walk around with $20K on my finger. The practical side of me feels like I'd rather put $20K down on a house with a garden where we can build a life. After 20 years together, I might want a $20K ring.

Tiffany's rings are no joke, they are quite lovely. Even the tiniest stones glimmer like they have the neon wattage of Times Square signs. You could cause serious traffic accidents with this thing with the blinding light. While a lot of women want huge rings, I would mind a small diamond if it was really high quality. Besides, martial arts sticks and rings don't go well together, which is really why I'm opting for a pendant or necklace for an engagement gift.

There are numerous other newlywed wannabes gazing through the well lit glass cases. The men silently observing where the women's eyes are drawn to. Even the smallest ring can fetch $10K. They try to tuck the price tag so you can't see it very well. They want you to fall in love with it before slapping you with the sticker price. What is the price for love?

Across the street we notice a couple of other jewelry stores, one of which is Mikimoto. I've always been a pearl fan myself. A few months ago I saw an add for one of their designs and cut it out for the SO, cuz he asked what kind of jewelry I liked. I think he's given up on trying to guess what I like, it's so much easier to ask.

Unlike Tiffany's, only a scant few walk through their doors. I actually manage to find the design that I had seen. White gold with black pearl is definitely me. The SO asks the woman about a matching ring. She shows us different combinations of black pearls with diamond framing. I try on each one. My hands certainly aren't the hand model hands, they're dry, have small nic scars and dark patches. Funny how shiny things distract you from that.

While I wasn't too excited about diamonds at Tiffany's, I do admit it was fun and exciting going through the jewelry at Mikimoto. And maybe if people weren't looking, I would have let off an girlish squeal.

I think we're done having our fun trying on jewelry when the SO asks about earrings preferably ones that can be converted to clipon type. Of course, you have to have an accessorized set. I'm glad the SO thinks of these things. I certainly don't.

Growing up these things known as "girlie" things were unknown to me. They all seemed like bizarre rituals. 4Ks instead of ABCs. Knowing designer names over the names of presidents. I just wasn't interested or wasn't paying enough attention. I'm just glad the SO spent his days learning about what "women wanted," or else he'd be proposing with a 40GB iPod, which wouldn't be so bad either. hahaha!

The SO had a dream a week before about getting my engagement gift in a blue box. My sister screamed it must be Tiffany's (every girl's dream box, right?). But Tiffany's is a light blue. His dream had a dark blue box. He asks the woman if he can see their jewelry box. A bit confused at the odd request, she complies. She brings out a dark blue box, ocean blue with a few light streaks like moonlight on the sea. The box inside is a lighter blue, not deep at all. The SO looks at it. He explains to her his dream and how he saw a velvet box, but this box is certainly the right color.

She gives him her card with the three items we picked listed. It's a looking day, not a buying day.

Off to the Metropolitan Museum and a walk past Central Park....

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