Friday, April 09, 2004

shopping around

alot of good movies I'm looking forward to on DVD. here is a list of the ones I'm currently keeping an eye on and best pricing on them. (right now I only looked at,, and amazon).

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Amazon: $17.97) - May 25
David Chappelles Show 2 Disc unsensored ( $17.49) - out now
I hear David Chappelle is pushing the lines of comedy. I just want to see the sketch where he's a blind black KKK leader, and no one wants to tell him btw he's black.
Star Wars Trilogy DVD ( $41.98) - Sept 21
Been waiting for this for a while. Though I was in the 2nd prequel movie, I must say the prequels thus far have sucked. And there's nothing like replaying the scenes on Endor listening for the Ewoks to say something familiar in Tagalog. "ayun, ay maganda!"
Kill Bill vol.1 (bestbuy: $15.99) - April 13
I love the old Hong Kong martial arts flicks and I really enjoyed how Tarantino really captured this affect. I particularly love the anime flashback sequence and the fight scene in sillouhette. Oh, and then there's the duel between Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman in the snow frosted garden without music, just the sound of their breath and the snow under their feet. Then I forgot about...well, maybe you should just watch it.
Matrix Revolutions ( $15.99)
I think I might wait for this. I'm sure it will eventually even fall to a cheaper price than this. I watched it to complete the trilogy, but I think the hype ruined my perception of any real climax to the film. Though the film isn't as bad of a third movie as Godfather III.

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