Monday, September 27, 2004

the forgotten book

Attended a book launch for The Forgotten Book yesterday with my sister. The book did make it through customs. House was packed with food and old friends. Two of the book's authors, Abe Ignacio and Helen Toribio, were signing books like rock stars. And deservedly so. We bought a hard copy for posterity along with a handful of softcovers for family and friends. Each page pops out in graphic detail. Reminds us how popular media shapes our perceptions of the "enemy" and how America writes itself as the "hero." They chose a patriotic red, white and blue layout theme. The cover in navy blue, the inside covers and extra sheets in red. The landscape book print allows to see the full expanse of the cartoons. One begins to wonder how these "comics" placed themselves in the minds of Americans at the turn of the century, how it played into the display of Filipinos at the 1904 World's Fair, and justified the "us" saving the savage "other." If anything this is when Filipino first entered the American psyche.

It's a book that has saved these images from being lost to obscure searches on ebay, archived them for generations to come and generations now. This is the Forgotten Book, but the experience of running through its pages is unforgettable. Thank you Jorge, Enrique, Abe and Helen.

Copies are still available by clicking on the link above and printing out the order form. T'boli Press also plans to make its rounds to various bookstores as well.

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