Wednesday, April 27, 2005


One of those good luck, bad luck moments. My sister and some cousins were planning to stay a couple of hours at the viewing then drive 10 hours back to the bay from vegas. A bit risky, considering the emotional state everyone was in. In the hour, they were sitting there, someone had busted the window open and took their stuff that was in the car, cuz well, they were going to leave from there. Well, you got to be a really rotten bastard to be stealing stuff from a funeral home parking lot. how jacked up is that? absolutely no shame. Literally someone has stolen their dirty laundry !

Here's the list:

1 bra
3 panties
1 laptop with finished lab report
1 ipod mini, blue
1 genetics textbook
3 other textbooks
dirty socks
clear plastic sheet
duct tape

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