Monday, April 18, 2005


So happy to see the cover of Leny's book done by Perl. Wish I could attend the FAWN 2005 conference in NYC. Oh to be in NYC again. But, with the nuptials coming up, I've got to really budget the vacation time.

In terms of nuptial preparation, my grandmother brought us two candles from the church in Manaoag to use for the ceremony. Under the Lady of Manaoag label on the candles I glued (deco paj? that fancy term for gluing) my last name and alibata "ba" and on the other the Fiance's. last name and "la" symbol. Ordered a soy based candle from Gaiam for our unity candle to which I shall glue our own personal decorative stuff to.

Based on the "lose weight" suggestion, I've been researching corsets, the really nice ones. Because you know I got to be the corporate wife at the fiance's company dinner, and I was not about to pass up on the Scharffen Berger chocolate cake they had for dessert. Are you mad?!? And if you must know, it's not like I would have ordered at 14" waist corset. This ain't the Victorian era! I'm not about to crack a rib on this.

Apparently, the Fiance's coworkers are keeping him from sneaking pieces of chocolate at work. They want him to look his dapper best, plus we took the measurements and ordered his Barong Tagalog, so no take backs now. On his part, he's drinking more water.

Rehearsals are going well. I find I spend much of them out and out laughing. I think I've found a knack for comedy which is something I find trickier than just straight drama. I was chatting with my brother a few weeks ago and he was saying that how in an acting workshop he went to, they said how pain and anger is easy to portray but that it's much more difficult to display joy and happiness as these tend to be more complex emotions. A friend's grandmother just passed away and I remember telling her that funerals are the funniest comedies you'll ever experience. There is the sadness of losing life, but there is a great celebration of joy of having been a part of that life.

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