Wednesday, April 06, 2005

tampa bay

Going to have to call out the Evil Clown about that Tampa Bay player being busted for steroid use. Most certainly, it's a strategic ploy by Baseball to pick on 1) a team so crappy, there is no playoff significance, 2) a player who has less atbats than most pitchers and is an expert at bunting. That way Major League Baseball can tokenly say, see, we're cracking down on it, really we are.

And considering the applause Barry Bonds got opening day, the fan base could really care less what kinds of drugs players are sticking into their bodies. Then again, I think it's also a way for Congress to occupy itself with minute things that affect individual people rather than concentrate on the problems confronting most of the nation. Haven't heard much about Social Security lately or Medicare, or what's going on in Iraq, have we?

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