Sunday, May 08, 2005

DP Poems

So, I'm going to see how far this goes. See what kinds of poems can be created when the computer hands you over words. I'm going to attempt a hay(na)ku as well as what I'm calling a 19-word poem. I just kept adding words and it turns out, there are 19 words. 19, such an odd number, one of those numbers that can't be broken down into multipliers the way 18 is 9 times 2. But, we'll stick with that and see where this goes. It doesn't necessarily give you all the words you need to make the grammar work. The last few days I've been writing mini-letters it seems with the 19 word one, like out of some spy novel or something.

DP Hay(na)ku

bear son
unable nest bright

19 words

occassionally you glanced,
uncomfortably tumbled
which doesn't ago
together tea-things, apples,
sticks take taller eaglet mile
protection butter

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