Saturday, June 11, 2005

no fast ones

My mother emails me, "I want to plan a surprise bridal shower for you with the family." Which translates to, surprising you is just way too much trouble, just tell me when you can have one. surprise. LOL!

Sigh. Something about me that's just too difficult to surprise. The Fiance always tries to surprise me with things. He tried to surprise me with a harana, but it ended up conflicting with my uncle's wedding anniversary. So he just told me, because he didn't have any other excuse to keep me home in time for the harana.

Though, I must say he managed to team up with a few friends to surprise me with his proposal. They were majorly stressed out. Then again, I kind of knew, it was going to happen soon because a month prior he had asked me about where he should send it. It wasn't safe to send it to his place with no one to get the package, he couldn't send it to my place. I told him that he could send it to D's mom, she was always home. When he did go and pick up the package, I had called him and he said that he got "lost" and ended up in Alameda, which for the Fiance is not too far-fetched.

I have this knack of just knowing things, or picking up on the smallest of cues and figuring that something is up. Well, the fiance is easy to read, hard for him to keep a straight face. Or in this case, our weekends are so packed, we're lucky to get a word in edge wise. June just started, and all our weekends are already filled.

I ended up forwarding my mom's email to my sister along with a link to our online calendar, so they could scheme something. I really don't want to think about when I should have my bridal shower, because then I'll get too caught up in those details when I really should be focused on other things.

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