Friday, June 24, 2005

Vegetarian Pinoy

If you're ever in the LA area, I recommend Papillon in El Seguno just past LAX. Family run restaurant by owners Chris and Sherry. Along with the general veggie cuisine (tofu vegetables, etc), they have vegetarian version of Filipino items like: veggie adobo, escabeche, pinakbet (very Ilokano flavoring with a strong bitter melon taste). The halo-halo too was quite tasty. The vegetarian sotonghon was ok, but really liked Papillon's Choice.

Service was a bit slow as they were shorthanded the day we went, but well worth it for the food. And unlike the bay where there are numerous vegetarian restaurants like Lotus in downtown Oakland, LA has few and far between choices. Odd considering how "heatlh conscious" LA is supposed to be.

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