Wednesday, June 22, 2005

wedding purchases

latest wedding purchases -

- finalized design for wedding dress Sunday morning to be picked up early September. I'm still going to have to suck it in a bit for pictures. And try not to "gain" anything on my hips. Though having so many dress fittings makes me realize how much the shape of my body fluctuates on a regular basis.

- put an order in for the wedding favors: royal blue pots with 3 pieces of lucky bamboo for luck, wealth, and longevity. We liked the idea of handing our guests a bit of luck, wealth, and longevity considering that they had a hand in making us a pair of lucky people. Seemed better than crystal swans that make people twinge, or statues of wedding couples that don't look like us. Pots, stones to be delivered on Friday, bamboo to be picked up in September.

- 200 wedding invitations. So far, list is sitting just over 400. And you know it's one invitation that goes to a family of like nine! We actually don't mind at all. How often do you get a chance to bring together just about everyone who's been significant in your life and your family's life? Not very often at all. We should get the invitations by the end of the month, in time to hand them out at the next family party.

Soon to be shopped for -
- maid of honor and bridesmaids dresses. I've never been a bridesmaid, so I have no idea how to go about getting bridesmaid's dresses. Since my sister is older than me, she always got picked first, plus I never looked like I was someone who would be into that kind of thing. Do I just pick something, get their sizes and hand it to them? Do they have any kind of input on the kind of dress they wear? How do I get them the same color? what to do what to do.

A couple of negative purchases -
- throwing garter that Tatang "caught" at my cousin's wedding. Actually, they deliberately threw it to him 4 times before it landed in his hands. They threw the bouquet in my direction too and with my new rule of never letting the bouquet hit the floor if it's in relative reach, I caught it.
-sign in guest book, a gift someone got for their wedding but never used.


ver said...

Hey Gura, check out this site for bridesmaid dress possibilities. We ordered from here for my cousin's wedding: she picked the color and fabric, and we picked the style that suited us best. Ended up with all different dresses but still visually cohesive. Quite lovely, actually.

Gura said...

thanks, Ver! I'll check it out. I certainly wouldn't mind if everyone got a different dress. I'd rather they get a dress that fits their bodies, than fit their bodies into a dress.

D said...

What she said.

Some brides want the "everyone looks the same" = same dress, same color thing for uniformity.

Other brides don't care and the bridesmaids end up looking like Lucky Charms. (Seriously. Have you seen some of the pictures from the 80's? Every bridesmaid in different shades of pinks, or even different colors like a rainbow.)

Since you're practical like that, letting 'em pick the dress type suitable for their body is nice, although I might give a bit of restriction for the color.

Hmm. We should talk. =)

EILEEN said...

Oh! I did something like what Ver's cousin did. I gave my bridesmaids the fabric -- cobalt blue silk -- and said it needs to be floor length. From there, the styles were all their choices.