Wednesday, June 08, 2005

with all the trimmings

This week, I've printed out the tentative wedding invitee list. A copy to my mother to verify family members another to the Fiance to check his list of friends, coworkers and family. Hoping to put in the order for invitations by the end of the week. Forgot they take 2-3 weeks to print, then we have to put them together and label them and send them out.

Have to check out the driving directions to see if they are accurate and won't get too many people lost. Never trust those direction websites! Though for the most part they are decently accurate, they can come up with the most complicated directions. Plus I had to choose a slightly longer route because I only have so many lines to place road directions.

Time just goes by so fast and while lots of people still assure me that there is plenty of time, it still feels like there never seems to be enough of it. Sigh. I've got to just remember to breathe.

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d said...

Call on us, 'cuz we're here. =)