Saturday, July 09, 2005


Ran into W&L, another couple getting married this year, at the frame store. They had that "only a month" to go look. That dazed look where their minds are being stretched in a million places at once yet having tunnel vision searching for this one last thing. They had bought some frames, that didn't fit the matted pictures, so they had to return those frames and look for ones that fit, but the ones that fit weren't on sale. Don't you hate that!

We chatted in the middle of the store for a bit. Invitations that never arrived, RSVPs with no one's names on them, integrating cultural elements, dealing with families, what to do about registries and gifts, and never quite having enough time for anything. It was refreshing chatting with W&L. A few moments for the four of us to relax, laugh a bit. Wedding planning involves alot of details and alot of focus to make sure those details get done. And while we spend a lot of time together, it's hard to remember to talk about us as people as opposed to us as wedding planners. While chatting with W&L, there was a moment of sanity, that yes, we'll all get through this, and that yes, there will be plenty of time afterwards to have a good laugh at all this.

As much as the Fiance says I'm planning the entire wedding, I'm certainly not doing everything. We're lucky enough that our personalities fill in nicely with each other, so I pass along things that are either too stressful for me to deal with or I'm just not good at. Invitations, favors, various other crafty stuff, budget falls on my side. Photography, makeup artist, honeymoon arrangements, his side. We also divided tasks based on who was pickier and had to have something a certain way, while I try to make sure everything is going in the right direction. Even then the Maid of Honor has got her own checklist for me as well. Check. Double check.

Today I called the hotel up about planning the details there. And today I passed along the task of dealing with the hotel to the Fiance. Though I know the hotel people were well meaning about giving suggestions about our plans, I was also getting annoyed by them from the overload of information. It didn't help that I was talking to them on a cell phone on a noisy street corner so the conversation was jagged filled with "hello? hello? still there?" When they asked if this conversation made me feel better about the reception, I didn't really reply. Because the conversation I had with them didn't really make me feel better. While they wanted to talk about colored linens, the things I really needed from them weren't all that forthcoming: extra hotel rooms, storage space for decorations the night before. Hopefully the Fiance will have better luck.

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Ron Capps said...

Gura: It is obvious that you are on the right track and it appears that reality is part of your world. Keep the positive thoughts and your Fiance involved.