Sunday, July 24, 2005

garagesale post

Though we do plan on having yet another garagesale, it probably won't be until the winter or possibly early spring, when it will be the "2 into 1" sale as we find a way to consolidate our households. It's one thing when the bride married right out of having lived with her parents, of course, she would need just about everything to start a new household. But I've been out a good 8 years now and owning for the last 4. So, PLENTY of garagesale stories to come.

But like Allen when I used to go around to garagesales with my mom and grandmother, we went to one where the garagesale was nothing but some 40-50 boxes of paperback books: classics, sci-fi, etc, selling for 25-50 cents. The guy also had many book duplicates I suspect because he didn't realize he had that particular book already or that he just didn't want to bother looking for it in his collection.

At our garagesales, we often sell any and all books for a quarter and if you catch us at the end of the garagesale it's $1 for as many as you can carry. The rest if any leftover get dropped off at the Friends of [City Library] which sells them at annual book sales. San Francisco and Alameda have them. I've never been to one in Oakland, so I don't know if they have it here too. The thing about book sales is that the books are $1 maybe less, so you can't help but put down a buck for something you've always thought of reading but never had because you weren't $5 interested but for a dollar you might take a peek. And hell for a quarter, you'd pick up a book you'd only glanced at. Thus are the economics of cheap book sales.

And speaking of Harlequin novels, a friend's mom attends the city library's book sale to purchase her annual supply of romance novels for 50 cents each, read them the entire year, then donates them back in time for the next library sale. It's like renting a book that you never have to worry about late fees.

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