Wednesday, July 27, 2005

grand theft auto

This whole whoopla over the sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is pretty ridiculous and just adds to the new American Ideal that the corruption of morality in our children is not our fault.

First off, even when you don't turn on the explicit soft core porn scenes in the video, it's just about one of the most violent games out there. The purpose of the game is for the lead character to steal, rob, kill to become a high end gangster. One of the ways to get increased health in the game is to pay for a prostitute, then steal your money back. It's not like there aren't sex scenes, they're just blurred out until you get the mod download. So I find it far fetched when people buy this rated "M" game for 17 year olds and above to 14 year old kids, and now are suddenly appalled at the morality of the game now that the sex scenes can be revealed. I didn't see anyone file lawsuits when 4 people went on a violent strong arm rampage after supposedly playing Grand Theft Auto.

I guess what this says is that we are completely immune to violence, but extremely prudish about sex. Oh yes, and if our children become immoral beings when they grow up, it's not our fault.

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