Thursday, July 28, 2005

not good at being girlie

sigh. an up and down day. stressed at work. haven't packed yet. failed a certification test. got some stuff done. did well in kali seminar. taught Tuhan's daughter how to box out properly in basketball. my students did well in class. got slight hangnails on two of my fingers doing so well at seminar. tried to fix it with an added clear top coat on all the fingers, but didn't let enough time pass between the coats and now they've got tiny bubbles in them. sigh. maybe I'll get them redone when we get to LA, I've got nothing to do on Sunday.

worrying about fingernails in kali seminar was difficult. it meant I really had to hold back a bit, not do certain moves, try not to get whacked too hard in getting a new bruise that would show up in the pictures. i was just never a real girlie girl. i'd rather break my fingernail and get in on the action. But then I end up messing up the manicure anyway. frustrating.

today is just one of those days when you try to go one way or the other, you just can't win. sigh. maybe it's the universe telling me i should just stand still.

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d said...

Unless you're playing a hand model in the photos, chances are your fingers will look fine. =) Just watch out as you're packing clothes since stray threads, etc. can get caught in the fingernail cracks.

And you know, watching your inner-girlie emerge over the past couple of years has been a really good thing-- you do it well when you want to.

Just remember, bon-bons and a Dune movie marathon. Girlie+sci fi geeky all in one afternoon. We can do it all.