Saturday, July 02, 2005

wedding negative purchase

Been keeping track of wedding purchases over at the shopping blog. As much as buying things, there are also quite a few things that are simply dropping into our hands for use in the wedding.

wedding negative purchase:

In figuring out a place to stash some kleenex for my sentimental self during the wedding ceremony, along with an energy bar or two (the bride and groom never get to eat during the reception!), I settled on getting a bridal purse. Spent the afternoon looking at all these blah satin white purses but nothing really "spoke" to me. I tend to place personality into "things". If a purse wants to be in my wedding, then it will "call" to me.

Anyway, had a lovely and wonderful reunion dinner with one of my best friends from high school who I haven't seen in 7 years and her husband.

Afterwards, she hands me two things:

1) a set of 3 tiny cute ceramic elephant shaped incense candles

2) a Chinese blue and green Phoenix & Dragon embroidered purse! She explains that "my (her) people" say that on a bride's wedding day she wears a red and gold dress adorned with Phoenixes and Dragons. Forever more, the bride will be the Phoenix and the groom will be the Dragon. It's absolutely PERFECT! I couldn't have searched the internet and found something better than this!

I continue to be awed and amazed at what the Universe continues to bring to my life.

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D said...

Oh, good! I was having starnge visions of things like ankle holseters for the kleenex. ;-P