Monday, May 22, 2006

opening this weekend

I was checking out Rotten Tomatoes to read up on early reviews of the only movie I actually want to see in the theaters, "X-Men" and discovered this movie was also opening this weekend:

This tense, timely thriller follows Adam (Ian Gamazon, who also co-wrote and -directed with Neill Dela Llana), an American citizen who visits his native Philippines, a country he barely knows, for his father's funeral. On his way back to America, he receives a phone call from a member of an infamous and dangerous terrorist group, who tells him that he family has been kidnapped--and if he doesn't do exactly what they say, they will be killed.

Actually, it's only opening in NYC and LA on Friday and won't open in SF til mid-June. So far, it's recieving red, ripe, whole tomatoes as opposed to a bunch of splats like Da Vinci Code and MI:III, both of which I'll be waiting for on Netflix.

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Rona Fernandez said...

Cavite was mind-blowing. Pretty cool. Except if you get nauseated watching shaky handheld-camera cinematography. We saw it at the NAATA festival last year.