Sunday, June 11, 2006

get your john hancock on

Saturday returned to IKEA to purchase and bring home the two knew bookshelves for the living room. They were a reward for moi getting some money in. An interesting thing about planning out rewards for yourself, you end up studying the thing that you want, knowing the details of the exact precise thing you desire, imagine it a part of your life before you even get it. It's some mighty fine hunting. We got a pair of the Billy black shelves and bought solid doors for the bottom and glass doors with aluminum trim for the top. Plus, got a pair of cabinet lights, to show off all the stuff we're going to put in them. I think the shelves match my new haircut, what a client called a more sophisticated look.

Spent most of the day ripping open cardboard boxes and calling the hubby over when I needed some assistance. Made excellent use of the hubby's power drill. But, managed to get them up and lovely when the bayao (bro-in-law) arrived that evening.

After all the hard work, I headed down the street to my sister's place for the Firefly and Waffles party. It was less on the waffles and more on the libations with fruit and snacky snacks. The sister's SO had his collection of Trader Joe wines to do a tasting, something like a dozen bottles out. He does avoid the two buck chuck and tries to get the inside scoop of wines rated 85 and higher from the TJ wine buyer. He got a bottle of Inheritance that was really good, though I can't find it again. Hopefully, my sister will email me the full list of libations for they weren't all wine.

There was a Belgian beer, called Lambic, made with black cherries bottled in a champagne looking bottle with a cork. It smelled like cherry cough syrup and tasted like a jolly rancher. And that would be the "get a girl drunk quicker" drink. Also tasted that evening was a Napoleon French Cognac that'd burn right through your esophogus and a relatively tamer Korbel whiskey. Maybe we should have doused the waffles with cognac then light em on fire.

Sunday we got in 4 games of bowling that went by like lightning before we headed to the monthly money group, though for us it's really like a prosperity group. We met with another money group in its nascent months and enjoyed going through memory lane over our trials, tribulations, and successes. I'm not sure what the other group thought about us constantly giggling and laughing, not in a goofing off sense. But a giggling and laughing in a "thank god we survived that hell".

One of the guys in the other group reads signatures. His specialty is relationships. Based on your signature he can tell an awful lot about your traits. He reiterated many times that he can't tell if you're a good person on bad person. He is thorough! Even feels the back of the paper to see what kind of pressure you put into the pen tip. Spot on! He charges $20 to do your own signature, $50 if you want him to read someone else's. I mean, how many women have always wanted to know whether the one their with is really the kind of guy they think he is! He can also tell you what kind of woman or man you're likely to be attracted to or what kind of person you're looking for. That kind of information is priceless!

Came home, and started the inaugural use of our programmable slow cooker with Lamb Vindaloo. The next one I want to try is a Moroccan Chicken with Apricots dish. Mmmm....meat that falls off the bone. So as I right this the house is starting to permeate with chili powder and cumin, filling our dreams with fresh baked naan. We'll see how it tastes tomorrow. Hope to make more use of the slow cooker. It's nice to come home and have dinner waiting.

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