Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day Eve

As tech support, I enjoy working on July 3. It's like working on those weekdays before the winter holiday break. Few people are around and the ones that are don't really want to be bothered nor bother anyone else. So, I get a chance to read up on the new technologies and do some filing.

Spent much of the long weekend cleaning: putting and doing laundry, organizing closets. There's still alot to do, but feeling good about what got done.

Sunday went to a BBQ inland where it was nice and hot, plus they had a pool and jacuzzi. We played bocci ball. Met a French family currently living in Ireland. The dad is in the spirits trade as in Irish whiskey. In France, they teach English at 9. In Ireland they teach Gaelic at 7. Their two younger sons have picked some of it up. Their parents can barely understand a word they're saying. The boys go in and out of speaking English with French and Irish accents. Ran through several bottles of wines: white, red, muscat, and a port. At the pool we watched one of the 3 year old sons of another couple swim with a life jacket on. You couldn't sink him if you wanted to. The hubby wanted a life jacket like that. I said we'd duct tape three of them together. The hubby is a landlubber while I'm practically part fish. After the pool, we helped guess answers to the kids acting out the Guesserades or some game like that.

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