Friday, July 28, 2006

movin' on up

We picked up the bowling ranking for the week and MR.MSG is now 3rd place out of 19 teams. Who'd of ever thunk? Grant it the teams around us average like 200, but the lovely 90% handicap gives us a leg to stand on. As a team as a whole we're consistent enough to be able to beat our averages each week, even though from week to week one person will suck, the rest of the team manages to pull through. I'm not actually sure how we do it, but we do. And the scoring rules in this league award consistency.

It was position round this week so we played in order of ranking. We ended up playing this other team that we had managed to split games with. And though the games were close, we manage to eke out all 4 wins with only a few dozen pins making the difference.

While I floundered, the hubby managed to get everything in gear and buoyed us with his 151 in the first game. The next game my sister got the 151. And though I was hoping to get the 151 score that was going around after struggling a bit the first two games, by the third I finished well with a 133. I still haven't rolled a turkey (which is what they call 3 strikes in a row) though I came close twice today.

The other team struggled as a whole although their lead off bowler was phenomenal hitting 30-40 pins above her average with 170s and a 184.

Based on our wins today, I think we might move up a notch to number 2 by next week. WOW! Did I mention that they don't give out trophies at the end of the season? They have cash money prizes.

Coach G says we're the best team he's ever been on in his years of bowling, because we actually act like a team. No one needs to carry the team the entire time, we each take our turn.

Five weeks to go. I'm going to have to tweak my game a bit. I had been noticing in the last couple of months in kali that my hands have been getting stronger. And now I'm noticing it in my bowling game as well. It took me til the third game to finally figure out with the help of Coach that I should just let my arm throw harder and adjust the footwork to follow. I must remember to do that in kali as well. Create more explosions. Duh, let go to get more control. How many times have I seen/heard/told others to do that in kali?

Well, I can meditate on all of that tomorrow (literally). A couple of days ago the hubby mentioned that he felt like he should meditate more, then in my email I get the notice for the monthly Taoism Meditation at the Taoist Center. I always get the email but I've never gone myself. And I only noticed it because the hubby mentioned meditation the day before. It should be interesting.

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