Tuesday, August 01, 2006

cutting away

It's been two months since I chopped my hair and the back strands were starting to poke my neck below the collar. Plus the bangs were getting wispy in front of my eyes and were not long enough to place aside anywhere (I'm not a side-swept bang girl either). And though the hair still looked good, I just had to get another haircut for a trim. Oddly enough, I kept feeling like the hair was just too long and that there was so much hair, while when I had it long, I only complained about it every two years or so.

So I've decided to keep this cropped look for a while in slight variations every 2 months or so. At work, people have said that I look more like a professional and one woman said that she actually liked my long hair better, that I looked like I was a student in college. I'll remember that if I need to go incognito on a college campus again or want to look younger than I already look.

Of course, cutting away is the theme of this month and I suspect the next few months. Hell, even my taroh reading told me so. I don't check my fortune out too often, but sometimes it's nice to have the cards tell you what you already know just for affirmation sake. And lo and behold, the center as well as the final card, the card of swords. Bloody 'ell! This is when you talk to the universe and say, "yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll shut up now and just go with it." (Too bad I don't have pissing poker playing angels. They would fit nicely right about now.) The far future at least looked very blessed which was reassuring.

And unlike Samson, who became weak when he cut his hair, I just keep feeling stronger and stronger. This new energy flow is quite addicting. Sitting different, standing different, wearing different clothes.

Change indeed is in the air. And a few weeks ago, I was downright freaked out by it. But cards can only do so much and a future really doesn't manifest itself without some action on your own part. Now, it's all very exciting. And there's much planning to be done and things to finish before...well, before things really start to move.

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