Thursday, August 10, 2006

get a new ref

We are switching out refrigerators this weekend. The one in our condo is going to recycle and the hubby's ref from the apartment is getting moved in. Because of this, we passed a cooler filled of frozen stuff (half of which we had forgotten were in there) to store in my sister's freezer down the street. Tonight we will pack the coolers again with the blue ice, some we'll take to my sister's and the rest well we'll probably chuck, like this bottle of tostitos salsa that we acquired cleaning up after a picnic but that we'll never ever eat.

The other day I took off the various magnets and poetry magnet words from the fridge and put them all in a bag. I'm not sure which ones will make the cut to go on the new fridge. The semi-new fridge is slightly larger and has compartments specifically for veggies and fruits. Today I went looking for a small dry erase board to stick on the door of the freezer so we could keep an inventory of what was in the freezer. We have numerous packages of lumpia from D's mom, fish from my mom, and longanisa along with various frozen veggies. Of course, the only thing that we always remember is in the freezer is the ice cream.

Last night we emptied out the freezer and I baked the two Marie Calendar mini fruit pies. As well as defrosted from chicken and tilapia for tonight's dinner.

I'm excited about getting a semi-new fridge! It's new to me! The door on the old fridge is slightly askew and didn't freeze stuff as well as it should. The best part is that PG&E has a special recycling program for old refrigerators (larger than 10 cubic feet) and they pay you $35 to take the ref away. Can't beat that!

We'll have one evening of being refridgeratorless which means I'll be spending that evening cleaning out the area left by the fridge. I'm not exactly sure why all of this makes me happy, but it does. Maybe it's because we get to check one more thing off the list of things we're supposed to do, and another step closer to emptying the storage unit.

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