Wednesday, August 16, 2006

reading up

I find myself lingering on pages like Parent Hacks and pregnancy pages, though we are neither of these, I can't help but read up on the things I should be doing in prep for that. Like how your measles and chicken pox immunity should be up to date and how you need Folic Acid but not so much vitamin A. And how there's an 85% chance that a couple gets pregnant in the first year that they try. Those are some damn good odds! And although we're not expecting, some friends and family have already offered to stock the kid's drawers with all their hand me downs. Our plan is to start a family after the trip to Europe in April.

Based on what I've read so far, it's a miracle anyone actually thinks the "rhythm method" actually works to prevent pregancy. Because say in a 28 day mentrual cycle, a woman ovulates at day 14, but sperm survives for up to 7 days, then there's 3-4 days of the period which leaves a person with a scant 3-4 days where it's possible not to be pregnant. Then there are all those Filipino "methods" that are amusing. I couldn't even go into a conversation with my cousin who has had three kids all in a row asking about birth control methods and saying that they use a condom but it doesn't work. And I'm thinking, so all three times you just happen to be the 0.1% of those people where it fails?

I guess I should bug the Ver-meister about that pregnancy book she said we should be reading. Maybe take it on the plane to Europe with us.

Last night I went visiting an artist friend of mine scouting for cover art for the new book. I was also excitedly greeted by her 2.5 year old who was just finishing up dinner. Her other son who used to be so small is already 8. The 2 year old brought his own books to share while I looked through his mommy's art books. You could tell he was excited to have a visitor to show off his books to. It was a Curious George book about bunnies.

I got a text message from my cousin who had her daughter last Friday. Next month the kambal nieces turn 1. Summer is almost over. And as I scroll through pictures of them on my cell phone, I keep thinking, "soon...soon..."

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