Monday, August 28, 2006

riding around

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Spent the weekend visiting up on the mountain with Chatty's dogs. The dogs sit in the back of the car and often stick their heads on the shoulders of the back seat passengers. They have big heavy heads. Much of the rides had the dogs breathing in stereo in your ears. So I decided to go along with the act and pant right along with them. I think that's Achilles in the foreground and Gabriela in the middle. They're just so cute!

The other thing you have to watch for is Gabriela licking off half the side of your face. She likes to steal kisses. Nice big wet slobbery ones.

The cats even made their appearances and acted like me and the hubby are part of the scenery. Scarlett, usually the skittish one, is so much like her Scarlett O'Hara namesake. "As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again." She did allow the Rhett Buttler namesake take a few pictures of her and of course spurned him when he was paying attention to her. The hubby said, "she doesn't like me." I replied, "But Scarlett never likes Rhett when he's pursuing her. You have to ignore her for her to like you." You'd think the cat had watched "Gone with the Wind".

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