Tuesday, August 08, 2006

things that go gigil

We did our monthly babysitting stint on Sunday. This time mom and auntie came along too, so extra hands is nice. N had a cold and was a bit grumpy from the sniffling, but still had her appetite (do not get between this girl and her food!). C was quite rambunctious and playful and very easy. They both liked mom and auntie.

We piled them into a crib together and they played with each other and fell over the pillows. Their latest thing is strumming their lips to make a blubbering sound. Of course, they both do it, sometimes in stereo. And I managed to capture 9 seconds of video of N making the blubbering sound on my picture phone and it makes me giggle with gigil every time. It's kind of like listening to children giggle which always gets me giggling. When we have our own kids, I might have to stop blogging (or else get another blog) less I tire the readership with over exuberant how cute is my kid postings. Or maybe I'll leave all that blubbering to their aunties.

After giving N her medicine, we fed the twins a shared bowl of rice cereal and a bottle of milk and put them both to bed. They had a good long nap (a few hours long). We even got the 5 year old to sleep.

When their parents got back, you could see how the twins have their favorite right now. N wants mommy's attention and C gets excited when daddy gets home.

It took us over an hour to get home over the bridge! Glad I got the video, to remind us why we crossed the bridge in the first place. They are so worth it!

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