Friday, September 08, 2006

damn the thai iced tea

Of course I couldn't resist the Thai iced tea at the bowling alley during the first week of winter league with the game running til 10pm. Didn't bowl very well, but the hubby busted out a 183! There are only 10 teams in winter league with 5 people each. While we have 7 people, there are teams still looking to fill 1 or 2 positions.

And so we celebrated the 183 because we upped the ice cream bowling stakes to 170. If we bowl a 170 or more then we get ice cream, whether or not we redeem that reward is entirely up to us.

Thus I'm up. Checking rewards points accounts, searching for hotels in Paris, looking at places to go for our 1 year anniversary, checking out flights to Canada and calculating how many more rewards points to get to the Champs Elysse. Also did a few bills, emptied all the trash bins, weeded out the indoor plants.

I'm excited that our rewards points will be getting us a free hotel in Paris, the question is which one? For sure we can stay at one, but we need a few more points to go to the super posh one. But I'm sure we'll get the points before then. In the meantime, we're looking to redeem a couple of hotel coupons that expire at the end of the year.

I'm also still ruing the fact that I scorched the dress I was supposed to wear for the wedding tomorrow. Ain't that a b**ch? So we'll be making our way to Macy's tomorrow evening after the rehearsal to see if there's anything to A) hide the 1 inch tear from the scorching or B) find another dress altogether. I'm not sure what I was thinking, and I probably wasn't thinking at all. If it turns out that I have to wear it, then I'll have to wear it, but we'll see.

On a brighter side, the hubby's photography business (Your Exquisite Photos is slowly but surely picking up. He picked up another gig and we seem to be getting a request here and there. And if it starts to get going, then maybe we can buy one of the these, but I also wouldn't mind a 24" one of these.

I finally checked out this video on google video of Rickson Gracie vs. Zulu, which this guy at the tai chi class I took last month recommended. It's not quite clear how Gracie won that fight as the video is a bit fuzzy. The vast majority of it is Zulu pinning Gracie on his back while Gracie tries to squirm and heel kick his way out of it. The real "action" doesn't happen til the 9th minute. Though it's interesting to watch all the trash getting thrown into the ring by the disgruntled fans who wanted more "action" for their overpriced tickets and the ref trying to kick the bigger pieces off the ring. Maybe that's why they have cage fighting, to protect the fighters from the crowd. I think at the end Zulu taps out but it's not clear what kind of hold Gracie has on him. I'd link it, but as far as I can tell the only value is to keep hyper caffeinated folks only mildly entertained.

Maybe I should have just gone to the Rockstar: SuperNova site to catch up on last night's performances.

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