Tuesday, September 12, 2006

don't watch much, but

I don't watch much tv, mostly because we don't have cable and because well, we're kind of too busy to watch, plus there are a stack of DVDs to go through and now the hubby does most of his "TV" viewing on YouTube for his Korean variety shows. I'm waiting for him to ask me if he can take a Korean language class some where. I've never been into Survivor, Big Brother makes me cringe, American Idol I find saccarin like it's a school recital, Do you think you can dance? was intriguing early on but they too got overly whiny.

Anyway, of the TV I do indulge in, I'm addicted to Amazing Race (which D strung me onto) and Rockstar:Supernova and yes I watched Rockstar:INXS. I mean, I'm addicted in the I go online for all the web episodes and performance recaps I might have missed from the last show. It's down to the final week and it's definately the final four I would have wanted. I'm rooting for Dilana. OK, so her lyrical writing ability is only so-so, but damn does it really matter what she's singing? She just has this essence that make you want to watch, plus she knows how to sing and play the song to get the audience riding the rollercoaster she's on. Sucks you in! Like she said when she performs she wants to sing to each and every person in the room. Lucas I like, but I don't think I could stand to listen to for hours on end. Then there's Toby and Magni if they want the band to be more "drunk party" rock and roll or "intense serious" rock and roll. I just really like the performances and the music. I'm not a consistent rocker to know all the tunes by heart, I don't even know who sang what, but it's fun to rock out. Hell, I'll even admit that if Dilana won, I'd be tempted to buy tickets to a concert (they're coming to Oakland in February) and I've never gone to a rock concert, ever in my life! A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D!

Of the rejects I think Storm Large will end up doing well. And I think Zayra if she got the proper management could be the next Cher, in that ecclectic artist/rocker with fab outfits kind of way. Ryan will be a good song writer, but I get tired of watching him. Then again, we may never hear of them again. And if we do, will they really make a serious career out of it. Where are all the Idol winners now? Fame doesn't really gurantee a whole helluv alot if all you are is a one note lounge singer.

An interesting thing about the show, and I consider this great editing, is that Tommy Lee comes off as a likeable guy and not some crude/rude/lewd aging rocker grampa the way his last reality show made him seem. Who knows what he's really like in person, he's probably a bit of both. But this is (sur)reality tv, the ultimate in illusions. They let you see only what they want you to see in order to make you feel a certain way. Mark Burnett is the king of illusionists.

It's coming to an end tomorrow, which I will have to tape as I have a French quiz and Mr. Travelling Poet --Patrick Rosal is in town, so I'll be stopping by the meeting location for a drink or two. See, Patrick! For you, Man! I'm gonna miss the finale! Maybe I can convince the bar keep to turn one of the tvs to Rockstar.

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