Monday, October 16, 2006

getting warm

Working through the final edits and layout of Kali's Blade and it's a wonderful layout by julie rosete munsayac with (and I really can't wait til we reveal the cover) by Marirose Taruc. I've been fortunate that Eileen and Meritage Press has given me a front row seat in the realm of book publishing. Which is important because there are several other books I hope to write some day (some poetry, others not) and getting a sense of "how this all works" is a good experience to have.

But the most exciting part is watching all the pieces come together with their combined magic. Because it is like Eileen says, "the sum of her pen and sword is greater than two." This is the first time I've really brought these two together in a significant way. I don't know what form this "greater than the two" will look like. It's in this magic that things you could have never even imagine come into fruition in ways far greater than your mind could have ever comprehended. I am just giddy waiting to see how all of this will unfurl.

Life is a grand ride!

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