Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the problem with learning language

The problem that has always occurred when learning language is that one is often "thinking" in English even when speaking another language. This makes it both easy and hard to learn the other Romance languages as they are similar yet not. There are many what they call False Friends, words that sound the same in each language but have completely different meanings. But then it occurred to me, after taking my 4th foreign language, that language and grammar are created to convey whole ideas. And that if I'm learning language with each word then of course I'll always write French thinking in English, because I have to supplement the language with thought. To think of the language like the better chess players and see more phrases than pieces. To always think of the verb conjugations with their pronoun. We'll see how the rest of French class goes with this idea in mind. The chapters are smaller, but they seem denser with information. The nice part about this French teacher is that she speaks French at the regular speed in which French people speak it, instead of the painfully slow way we say it. I've got to think in bigger pieces.

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