Sunday, November 26, 2006

because tattered pastels only look good on the young and even then...

Went to a debut tonight, this time a dinner/dance on the hubby's side of the family. Food was good. Since the debutante was in her first year college, her debut was half her high school buddies and half her college age buddies. My first time to see this kind of mix. You got goofy high school seniors with guys who can legally buy beer, but then again that does reflect first year college.

Anyway, it was very very clear that the 80s is back in FULL FORCE! OK so maybe it's been back for a while and I was either a) clueless or b) not really paying attention or c) was in denial. The entourage did a cha-cha/hip-hop dance and changed from their orange colored formals to various 1980s wear including: the undone preppy look, the dragging suspenders look, the Flashdance and "I'm a virgin" looks with the off shoulder layers, leggings, and tattered pastel shirts. The hubby was like, "it doesn't look good on them." To which I had to remind the hubby, it didn't look good on us either. But oh well, what can you do, it's the 2-decade cultural rewind.

Even all the music tracks have underlying bass or beat tracks from 80s hits. We heard a bit of a Ghostbusters bite on a hip-hop track. At first I thought I was sorely lacking in any kind of 80s music memory, but apparently while my sister remembers many of the British tracks, I seem to carry the 80s R&B memory: Bel Biv Devoe, Bobby "before we hated him" Brown's My Perrogative.

In addition to the entourage dances, there was also a performance of the runner-up of Do You Think You Can Dance, Season 1, Melody. She's cousins with the debutante on the mom's side. She's tiny in person, like Paula Abdul tiny. And yes, she did her signature move:the vertical splits. Unfortunately for us, the videographer decided that our table had the best view and blocked most of her part of the show. She is part of a talented family as her sister also performed by singing. Not sure what Melody is doing now post-reality-show-contest but good luck to her anyway. Dancing as a career is hard work and the body takes quite the pounding.

Anyway, the party was fun and the hubby got to dance with his sister and cousin. The hubby and I danced a bit too, even to some of the hyphee music, while I tried to teach the hubby some more basic hip-hop dance floor moves. Didn't even try to do any krunkin'. He'll probably stick to ballroom.

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