Monday, November 20, 2006

together yet far apart

Attended a friend's tai chi class on Sunday over at Sutro Park just overlooking Ocean Beach. There's a bit of a man-made bluff. It's a gorgeous place to be especially since the sun came out. There's about a half a dozen or so of mostly Asian men who seem to come here every Sunday to discuss tai chi and other martial arts topics, along with another dozen, mostly young men frantically taking notes and asking questions. We watched a dozen hawks circle the sky, with a bit of a sky turf battle with a gang of crows, then they disappeared. I'm not sure where they went.

Most of the class was about learning to do the sit/stand position properly. Just doing that wore me out. I've heard of people practicing this stance for years in an effort to feel yin, which really isn't seen and almost too light to actually feel. So you stand there trying to straighten your back, curl your sacrum, being your hip in, adjusting, adjusting, adjusting for very brief moments you might get it, then it fades because you moved.

My friend's teacher, as far as I could tell, understood the tai chi energy more than alot of those teaching tai chi. He was precise about the corrections he made to my stance, pointing to the exact spot that needed adjusting as opposed to a general area.

So some things from the class I know I will be pondering for a very very long time:

-yin and yang are always together, yin brings yang, or yang brings yin
-yang is constrained to the body, yin can go anywhere
-one must find one's center
-don't push on the same side, push on the other side

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