Tuesday, December 12, 2006

because I don't know the direction of my accents

I ran the previous post through an online translator. My spelling is still pretty bad and I have difficulty with the direction of my accents. But here is the translation as put through the online translator:

it was finished

My class of French was finished. I learned seven verb tense: present, imperfect, present perfect, near future, simple, conditional future, imperatif, and subjunctive. But I do not know it that this would be very good. They confuse me. I do not think that I will take the next one classify french 3. The french 3 east literature. I like it to know to speak, not any literature. It is possible that I will take the french 2 another time, but not before of our trip has france.

The class was happy for me. I do not speak very well french, but this better one when I do not speak nothing.

I had a final oral presentation. I have talks about the wine taste. It is happy! I bought four bottles of wine: two of white wine and two of red wine. I asked them which they like.

The wine that we tasted:

1. Bordeaux 2003 Charles Mioeux (?) - Two of class comrade said that they like it. A man said that it tasted bays. Me? I think that it was well. The odor was well with bays. The first taste would have the pepper taste, but the end was weak.

2. 3 Blind Mice Merlot 2005 - We all suited that this wine was very delicious. A man said that it will buy a bottle for its friends.

3. Red Bicycle 2004 France Chardonnays - THIS IS very good! It had heaviness for a white wine. The drink today! It fills your mouth with pleasure.

4. Blackstone Chardonnay 2005, Monterey - This wine was well, but this did not be better. The fruit taste. It is easy in general. The odor was fruit, of apple.

And my comrades of the class brought two bottles:

5. Cabernet sauvignon of the Argentina - The woman that brought it said that was as "2 buck chuck". One can drink it. As çì, as that. There is better wine than this bottle. Why drink it you if it there has the better ones?

6. Barefoot Merlot 2005 - For a moderate cost, the wine of Barefoot is not poorly. This is well wine for the cost. Often, this is five dollars a bottle.

This all of bottles cost less than ten dollars. I bought them Safeway. There is a discount for six bottles. The others are Trader Joe's. I think that I buy again a bottle of Red Bicycle, of 3 Blind Mice, and of Barefoot.

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