Friday, December 29, 2006

funny poetry

Just before dozing off to bed last night I wonder if there was comedic poetry. And I mean comedic poetry that didn't have to have the rhyming of a shel silverstein or Dr. Seuss book nor needn't start out as "I once new a man from nantucket." (Those limericks have always made me wonder about what's up with Nantucket.) Then again, maybe those are the parameters of a comedic poem.

I chuckled quite a bit through Nick Carbo's Secret Asian Man and often find a lot of humor in his work. But just before heading to unconsciousness I wondered about how much humour could you load into a poem.

My brother told me about an acting seminar he attended where they talked about how joy, elation, happiness are the most difficult emotions to portray, that they are much more complex of an emotion than say anger or sadness. And my guess too is that they are just as difficult to convey in just about any art medium.

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Sid said...

Just randomly pressing the "next blog " button here and came across your blog.....well i dunno what u mean by a comedic poetry here... all of us have our own definitions of whats funny.