Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a good game is a good game

The best part about going to a bowl game where you're not really enamored with either of the teams, is that you win either way. A nice surprisingly high scoring game on both ends. Though it tended to be more on the Florida State's side.

Too bad for my brother watching his team implode on itself. I'd hate to be the guy who was receiving a punt, only to touch it just before it went out of bounds which brought the ball back to the 3 yard line. The rule of thumb has always been, if you can't make the fair catch, run as far away from the ball as possible. But, no, he had to watch it bounce down the field, then for a split second he might have thought he could still catch it and run it out, then thought not, but by that time the signal had reached his hand and he touched the ball. A really bad move when you were trying to put together a comeback 3 points down and 7 minutes left. I'd really hate to be him. Oh well. That wasn't the only play that didn't go that way, but it was the one that got the most replay time. That's college football for you.

The hubby and I amused ourselves by doing Cal cheers while the UCLA team played their/our fight song. It's the same song, different cheer. And we also teased him about being from the "southern campus," during it's first 8 years, actually we called it the "lower" campus to give it extra ribbing.

But it was great watching the winningest coach in NCAA Division I history, Bobby Bowden, at 76, win his last game ever. UCLA didn't have much reason to win this game other than to win. The Seminoles wanted to give their coach a retirement present. He was gracious accepting the Emerald Bowl game trophy, acknowledging UCLA's effort. Though no gatorade shower for him. It was rather chilly. Might give the man pneumonia.

The defensive player of the game was the FSU cornerback from southern california. He had 130 fans supporting him in the stands. His teammates gave him their tickets. Must have been a blast for his family and friends to watch him live.

It was a good game with the teams trading the lead several times through 3.5 quarters even though we had these wierd seats in the left field corner that had no view of one of the end zones. Pacbell/SBC/ATT park certainly is a baseball park. No doubt about it. I wish they had a secondary name that never changed despite the corporate sponsorship. The signs at the CalTrain station still direct people to SBC Park.

And when you're there, you have to have the garlic fries. Yummy!

Afterwards we collected the various blue pom-poms in the stands that the not so cheery Bruin fans left behind. My mom wanted to take them to the Philippines, give them to the school kids so they can use them in their dance routines or something.

After the awards ceremony we stopped to listen Tony Bennett sing "I left my heart in San Francisco" play over the PA. It was the complete stadium experience.

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