Monday, December 04, 2006

My husband, the bowler

Maybe it was the pho restaurant he ate at for lunch. Or maybe all the reading and all the advise finally sunk in. Maybe it was because he didn't partake of any of the cafe food during the game. Maybe the stars were in alignment. Maybe he finally started believing that he could actually bowl. Or was it the mantras of "Endorphins! Push the Endorphins!" or "Think Happy Thoughts". But some time, some where last Thursday, my husband became a bowler. Socked in games of 170, 203, and 145.

The other team tried to get in his head. They even asked if he was sandbagging (pretending he couldn't really bowl before to only turn it on now). That was a good laugh. Sadly, no. The lanes have the summer league records to prove it. That just a short 8 months ago he had a 109 average and ended 10 weeks later with a 117 average.

This season he'd been slowly racking in the different patches: 400 series, 180 game. So really, last Thursday was just a culmination of the 10 games of practice almost every weekend.

In any case, "you can't mess with the streak". So he'll be a regular at that pho restaurant on league nights.

He was able to ride the endorphin high through the weekend which kept bringing in opportunity after opportunity. It's like that sometimes. Got to catch the wave that comes in and ride it to the next wave.

Needless to say the other team got crushed and we won all 4 games which from what we can tell will put us in first place almost halfway through.

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